It Might Not Mean A Thing To You

by The Artifact

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released August 23, 2013

Produced By Chris Guglielmo and Tom Malinowski
Mixed By Tom Malinowski

Frank Semisa Plays Guitar On Tracks 4 and 6



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The Artifact

The Artifact are a band from Long Island, New York.

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Track Name: Yearbook
So can we skip all the customary questions? all the "What are you up to these days?" the answer's always the same I swore I’d never be trapped in a mundane office on a monday morning the proof is now nothing’s changed/ I’ve found a place where I'm comfortable/ I can honestly appreciate your college degree and none of that is said in spite but you can still find me in a garage or a bedroom
with a beer and a guitar and I promise I'm alright./ I've found a place where I comfortable and your high school reunion stares will never get me down I'm just fine with who I am rich or poor alive or in the ground
Track Name: I Know There's A Double Standard But I Think You're Overcompensating
I know there’s a double standard but I think you’re overcompensating

I never could realize the allure to a life full of hatred of everyone But I guess it makes it easier to deal with your lackluster self when you don’t let them realize who you are you stay distant never dare letting anyone close for fear they’ll hate you for other reasons, reasons out of your control/ stop slut and grow up quit playing the martyr you were never even good at the game slop shop you fucked up and I’d love to see his face the first time you called him my name [if you were] burning alive I’d wait to piss on your ashes they day of your wake toast with raised glasses you’re a hand me down you’ll always be and tell your best friend stop trying fuck me/ I was the one staying up all night pacing across the bedroom floor while you were hanging out more selling yourself short anything you knew I’d give it I made your bed and you lied in it then you never came home and now I’m stuck being my own therapist without the doctorate to write the scripts where did this go wrong?/ I am fucking sure that the reason you’re acting this way is buried somewhere deep in your past but you can blame the world for your dad going out for cigarettes and never coming back searching for some closure you’re no closer using male attention to hide your pain those boys don’t even know your name and I wish I didn’t know your name those boys don’t even know your name
Track Name: Forward And To The Right
Forward and to the right

I am growing impatient waiting and saving myself for the rapture of love I’m a traitor I’m not sure what hurts more my heart or my conscience it’s killing me slow to be my own defiance I shake it off it’s not my fault/ maybe in another life and time we could intertwine and I could be as open as I need but as it stands in present speak I’m right for now for being weak but wrong for wishing truth of all my dreams there’s no way they can be/ fake a smile don’t a depressive hide your feelings ideas to aggressive to scream at the top of my lungs how I’m aching and living in silence is driving me crazy if I said the words that I’ve had in my head and repeated out loud as I laid in my bed it might not mean a thing to you but my brains rotting out and all I can do it think/ I want my chance just one second of happiness/ maybe in another life and time we could intertwine and I could be as open as I need(I’m open and I hoping) but as it stands in present speak I’m right for now for being weak but wrong for wishing truth of all my dreams kill me now so we can see
Track Name: The Hypocrite
The Hypocrite
I keep the lights down low ‘cause that’s how I’m feeling I’m all alone I just need an evening to think to myself I collect my thoughts through scribbles on paper I’ll pour this heart out sooner or later all to you I don’t identify the meaning of life I’ll figure it out with only a minute till I die what a waste of time when I rather stay up late wait the sun and see how many drinks it takes until I’m having fun ‘til I’m fucking done/ I wish I didn’t kiss you so I wouldn’t have to miss you / sometimes I look up to the sky and pray for no more pain inside and other times I wish that I could climb up and kill your god/ It was written in stone when he was breathing down your neck telling you how he don’t give a fucking shit who your boyfriend is or where he’s from or what he did
...I bet you made up something
Track Name: My Name Is Legion
My name is Legion
If I asked you to stay would you wait up all night long with me or turn and walk away and if I had a noose around my neck would you untie the knot of discontent or kick the chair out from beneath my legs with all this talk of fact I’ve got my slack I’ve got my slack/ You ever stop and take a look who your friends are the closest ones using distance can be so far real life’s not black and white but you can thumb through shades of grey and find what’s right there’s liars all around you every day and all day long but this lighthouse on my arm means more to me than just the place I’m from/ I’ve been kicked while I was down and there’s clarity when all you see is your blood pooling on the ground when you get up “Who started what?” is not a question my real friends would never give a fuck just the way I want it to be/ You’re not my family so don’t even try the only thing we had in common was wanting me to die
Track Name: Cemeteries
This is my time why will it be ruined by the ghost of autumns past reliving being left behind and I am sick and tired of how every facet of my life just circles back to you just like you’d have it do/ fall is still my favorite season even though the scent that the cold brings in gives me sort of uneasy feelings when scenes of a happy me play through thoughts like a tired tape hand in hand twin smiles ear to ear then disappear I already know their fate/ now this time of year I can’t do what I do best I kill myself with caffeinated cancer cool downs a self-indulgent rest always unsure if every word I ever said truly hid just what I meant/ and early sundowns used to life my spirits high I haven’t seen one yet through these sudden blinded eyes (we both know I’ve tried) and I thought collecting hearts was the worst that you could do you took my favorite feeling too/ look what you did you ruined us and now you’ve ruined me and I’ve grown composed but don’t be confused when I don’t ignore ‘cause I couldn’t hate you more/ I couldn’t hate you more I couldn’t
Track Name: Rafters

How can this be true it’s been six months since you killed me and the only thing I write about is you and I know life’s not fair but why should I be all choked up while you go on without a care/ you were the best thing that I thought I had but time proved that not true and I’d rather be hanging from the rafters than be still hung up on you/ And it can’t be healthy to write so many of my songs about your shit sense of right and wrong wish I was through for you I’ve got a thousand lines I hope that when you hear this song you cry and die inside a thousand times/ I’ve heard too many times before that love is beautiful well how do I look passed out on the floor my friends say I should stop the drinking but it keeps me from thinking about this mess a bottle in my hand puts the heart back in my chest I hope there’s an empty gripped in my hand when they find me dead it means I didn’t suffocate inside my own head/ I never knew what I would do without you you never even gave me a clue ‘til you were gone/ although I hate you for every single lie it doesn’t change the fact that I just wanted to kiss you one last time/ now we’re artifacts we’re just pieces left over from the past I’ve learn the art of fact and it’s an idea you could never grasp next time that I see your trick face hanging around I hope it’s from a rope if you didn’t want to use the bridge you didn’t have to burn it down
Track Name: Dan Called And He Wants His Life Back
Dan Called And He Wants His Life Back

They say that everything will work out fine but sometimes it just feels like whoever “they” are can’t be right/ don’t waste your life away ‘cause you will never break the chains that keep you prisoner of your brain everybody goes through it they say life is like a box of chocolate you never know which ones are full of shit/ the fog rolls in across the shore of smith point beach though in time the twelve mile horizon line will be visible but for now seems out of reach and in the thickest white wall clouds it becomes hard to believe that there’s water just ahead of you even though you hear the waves crashing on the reef/ it’s not cool being the boy who cries reflecting on life through bloodshot glassy eyes wishing he would die for a thoughtless mind and one last sleep filled night not induced by the right amount of pills he self-prescribed enough to dry his eyes/ money can’t buy everything but shit it’s worth a shot when at some time you had some happiness now recyclables and ash is all you’ve got nothing gold can stay unless you fight for but drugs and apathy will only bring nightmare and I’d rather breed the dream/ there’s truth in the rain